EVOLUTION AND THE BIBLE… 1 (from, Secrets of the unknown God)

Facts of evolution

We should never judge any religion at any time, as everybody based their belief on some truth. We should merely gather as much information from as many religions as possible and hold on to what is good and pure. Each bit of information will serve as a part of our own puzzle on how to complete our map. This is the only way to seek and find the ultimate truth. Always be prepared to learn from everybody who crosses your path.

Why are so many Christians not familiar with evolution?

The reason is that some Christian dogmas teach that the creation of the Bible is a recording of the physical creation; which it is not. There is so much proof that evolution happened; we should merely look around us. The human is the final product of the evolved animal; and it is still evolving.

Most Christians are taught that evolution never happened and that these teachings are from hell. What they are actually saying then, is that God’s physical creation is from hell? Evolution is the most important link for anybody to understand, as it holds the key to the mysteries from the Bible.

Scientists understand some of the physical side of evolution, but they will never understand the reason for evolution if they do not understand spirit. Solely the true Christians hold the key to why evolution happened.

Again; evolution holds the answers to the most important questions of the human existence.

First of all; we have to know where our spirits are from before we will know who we are; and we have to know who we are before we will know where we are headed.

Most Christian dogmas are obsessed with the human body and believe that the physical body will become immortal. The Bible teaches exactly the opposite. If we had no spirit and soul, and we remained physical beings eternally, we would have had no problem; yes. On the contrary, it is the other way around. Our earthen vessels are merely an illusion and will last for a mere blink of an eye before we leave it once more.

We therefore have to gather as much information and wisdom in this lifetime as possible. The more information we gather concerning God’s kingdom, the closer we will advance to Him on our journey. Not that we will burn in hell if we do not find the kingdom of God in this lifetime; we will merely fail our soul and return to where we came from. This is why it is of utmost importance to understand evolution. Without this knowledge we will remain at exactly the same level, lifetime after lifetime, after lifetime.

Moreover, we have to seek God, not wait for Him to come; and we solely have time to advance closer to God whilst inside the body. Once we leave the body there is no time and it becomes extremely painstaking to wait endlessly whilst another body is prepared for our spirit to advance on its journey, once more.

Let me give an example: We are all aware that one day is equal to a thousand years once we leave the body.

2 Peter 3: 8 ‘8But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.’

Let’s assume that we have to wait for nine months whilst a body is prepared inside the womb of a mother. We will therefore have to wait for approximately 270,000 years before we will have another opportunity to conquer the mind.

This is where hell comes into ones journey. When we squander our time on the pleasures of the earth and we leave the body; we shall earnestly regret it. Being on the other side without God is devastating to the spirit. We would have wasted another golden opportunity in which we could have escaped from the darkness.

The fact of the matter remains that there is no time beyond the flesh.
We should therefore not limit our thoughts to time and space in this world? Our time on earth will pass in an instant.

Where will your souls be when you leave the body at this moment?
Think about it!

Nothing in this world is more important than finding the path; remember that.

Evolution and The Bible 1

Evolution is a fact

About Nicky Verster

I am merely the privileged medium that was used to write, The Secret to God's Light, Secrets of the Unknown God and the Science of the Soul. I had to write these books, to share what God revealed to me. My teachings and books were not written to form a new religion or dogma; as a matter of fact, I would not have written them at all, if i did not see how much they mean to people. all people and all living beings have souls, and all human souls are seeking peace and a way out of their pain they are suffering in this world. the problem is, that there are thousands upon thousands of religions, cults and dogmas to choose from. Where do turn to, what is the truth and how will we ever find true freedom? There is a path out of here, and there is a God, you simply have to find the correct guide to lead you. There are a few points to look out for though. No true master will lead his sheep by fear. No true master who completed the path will wait for the Creator to come. or teach about masters from the past. No true master will have any doubt about the path which leads the soul to become one with its Creator. No true master will teach about another master. The true masters will have completed the path, will lead you to your source and merely be a mouth piece for God to speak through.
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