Be aware: The master we serve will bless us.

ImageGood morning everybody. I know that you want to hear “God is going to bless your day and that everything is going to be just fine’ But I will be lying to you if I had to say that. God can only protect us when we walk in His light. So… Please do not go walk in the darkness and expect to have God’s hand protection covering you. Do what is good and in the eyes of God and you will be in the hollow of His hand where you will be safe. I will bless you with the power and wisdom to remain in His Light yes…. But it is up to you, We cannot serve Satan and expect blessings from God… Remember: what we sow… we shall reap. Love you all, and God bless you with an clear mind to remain in Jesus and in His Light.


About Nicky Verster

I am the Author of The Secret to God's Light and Secrets of the Unknown God. I followed the greatest masters that ever walked the planet, and no dogma will set you free from your cycle of life and death. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why are babies still born? What is our human purpose? Is there life after death? What is hell and is it real? What is evolution and did it happen? Why does the Bible contradict itself?
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