Atheists will burn their fingers

Atheist: That’s beside the point because, Jesus never existed in man’s world because Jesus is a myth and fable which has morphed into Christianity.

“Secrets of the unknown God.” There are no secrets other than whatever man can conjure up. It’s all presupposition, man, creating god in his own image!


Answer: There are two spirits which lives within the human heart controlling the spirit world Rod; the one is God the Light, and the other, Satan the darkness. You will chose who you serve; and if it is not God, it is Satan; there is no middle path. But; not only are you serving the darkness, you are attacking servants of the light who are still weak and have not found the truth. You are watching the game from the side-line. According to you, it is a stupid game being played by all the Christians. The atheists do not know the rules, and they do not want to learn or play the game, but they are judging. They live and die, waste their whole God given lifetime on judging others and telling religious people how stupid the Game is in which they are partaking. Many Christians do not understand the Bible and are easily removed from seeking God; but, you are playing with fire and you do not wand to listen. Atheists are like stubborn kids who are headed towards a bottomless pit. This might not sound much like God’s words, but sometimes I hope that some of you atheists do not find the truth before you leave the body. This way you die and remain with the master you served. I see them when they die Rod, and believe me it is not a pretty sight. But it remains your choice; you have nothing to offer the people but your human thoughts and what you do not believe in. As a Christian, I ask you to leave God’s seekers alone and believe what you will.


I beg of all my Christian brothers and sisters, if you do not understand God’s teachings from the Bible, please ask. Please do not waste the lifetime which God gave you in His grace, to become His son’s and daughters; on the darkness. I plead with you; that it is not worth it. Rather remain a stupid Christian as the atheists named us, but never stop seeking. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE BY LIVING A GOOD MORAL AND LOVING LIFE?

God Bless you all.


About Nicky Verster

I am merely the privileged medium that was used to write, The Secret to God's Light, Secrets of the Unknown God and the Science of the Soul. I had to write these books, to share what God revealed to me. My teachings and books were not written to form a new religion or dogma; as a matter of fact, I would not have written them at all, if i did not see how much they mean to people. all people and all living beings have souls, and all human souls are seeking peace and a way out of their pain they are suffering in this world. the problem is, that there are thousands upon thousands of religions, cults and dogmas to choose from. Where do turn to, what is the truth and how will we ever find true freedom? There is a path out of here, and there is a God, you simply have to find the correct guide to lead you. There are a few points to look out for though. No true master will lead his sheep by fear. No true master who completed the path will wait for the Creator to come. or teach about masters from the past. No true master will have any doubt about the path which leads the soul to become one with its Creator. No true master will teach about another master. The true masters will have completed the path, will lead you to your source and merely be a mouth piece for God to speak through.
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