Atheists demanding of me to prove there is a God

The Atheist demanding  proof of God…..

We’re STILL waiting for that proof…

Answer:  You guys want to see physical proof of spirit???? Do you know how much work it is to conquer the human mind, no you do not…. Remain where you are guys, it is but the blink of the eye and you will see what I see. The only difference is, It will be to late, as you will have left the body. A gift which took me a lifetime to attain must just fall into your laps; so funny, don’t you think that is arrogant? The creator must bow to his creation, that is what the atheists demand of God. Do you think God needs you??? you are truly unbelievable. God made the physical to teach us the spirit. I will tell you what will be easier; Got to some factory and demand a salary without working for it. This will be the same demanding light without conquering the darkness. Alistair; you are not even willing to read my text because you get board, and you demand proof of God. Go to my blog and read what the truth is, read the Bible every day and conquer your ego’s then come and talk to me. Christians do not receive the light by demanding of God; we have to become children, not Goliaths. Just remember one thing; when you leave the body, do not say that you were not warned.


About Nicky Verster

I am the Author of The Secret to God's Light and Secrets of the Unknown God. I followed the greatest masters that ever walked the planet, and no dogma will set you free from your cycle of life and death. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why are babies still born? What is our human purpose? Is there life after death? What is hell and is it real? What is evolution and did it happen? Why does the Bible contradict itself?
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