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Secrets of the unknown God

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ISBN13 Hardcover: 978-1-4771-0468-2               ISBN13 Socover:   978-1-4771-0467-5

ISBN13 eBook:       978-1-4771-0469-9                Published by Xlibris


                         Journey of the soul


1)    Why do young children or babies die, when they have such loving parents?

2)    Why are children born with a disability, while others are born normal?

3)    Where is the spirit from, which entered my baby’s body?

4)    Why are some born in a wealthy caring family and others in poverty?

5)    When will the kingdom of God come and the world come to an end?

6)    Does the spirit have a choice of where it will be born?

7)    Why do people suffer so much pain in their lifetimes?

8)    Where are souls from, and where do they go when they leave the body?

9)    What is the soul and how will we ever be able to set it free?

10) Do we have free will, and how do we manage our free will?

11) What is karma or sin, and how do we escape our karma?

12) God is not man and man is not a human?


Before the reader will be able to understand how and why the spirit enters and leaves the physical bodies, and how God has created the universe, there are some facts which we have to understand very clearly. God is unknown to people for the simple reason that they are taught that God lives above the sun moon and stars. Secrets of the unknown God, was written to bring our unknown creator closer to those who are serving a God of illusion and therefore not being able to escape the pain and misery of this world. 

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